Emergency situations occur on a daily basis and we all are sometimes involved in an Emergency situation of some kind.  I believe we could be of assistance during and even after the Emergency Situation. 

We would like to introduce various services we would like to offer to you as a client. 

In partnership with IBF Investigations we would like to offer Accident Investigation & Reconstruction Service to you where we could assist in various ways please click on the IBF Logo at the bottom to obtain more detailed information about this service.

We also offer some basic training courses and there are also online courses on Udemy available from our Partners which are very interesting and I would highly recommend those courses.

Further more we also would like to offer Evacuation Plans for business and Emergency Plans.

Lastly but not the least we are in the prosses of a brand new service we would like to offer namely a Panic Button System that could be activated and Emergency Support can be provided to you. We where also recently appointed as Ambassadors for Rocket Connect that we would like to offer to our customers. Please take note that both the Panic Button and Rocket connect are services only available to our Mkhondo Area at this stage. .